Vision – Mission


Known for a premier brand in education segmentation, iTutor has always defined our position by different characteristics and personalities.

Currently, there are hundreds of tutoring center in Ho Chi Minh city, but almost no center focuses on linguistic international and linguistic programs like iTutor. This is also a main path, vision – mission that we have chosen till the end.

Gia sư học sinh trường quốc tế - Gia sư dạy Toán bằng tiếng Anh

In spite of being just a center connecting instructors and students, we pays attention to educational quality. We ensures choosing and providing tutors who are excellent instructors and students with certified linguistic and teaching abilities.

The main teaching method is to focus on students. Therefore, teachers only play a part in guiding, motivating, inspiring… And, these are learners who actively discover new knowledge, analyze problems, and find out experience by themselves.

With guidelines of credibility and quality, iTutor wishes students can form logical thinking, quick reaction, creativity, development of independence… and become global citizens with national character and Vietnamese culture in an international environment.

Gia sư học sinh trường quốc tế - Gia sư dạy Lý bằng tiếng Anh


Mã lớpTên lớpMônĐịa điểmSố buổi / tuầnHọc phíGiáo viên đã nhận lớp
C_07(Tiếng Việt) IB Biology HLIB Biology HLQuận 22 buổi/tuần - 1.5h/buổiXem
C_06(Tiếng Việt) IB Chemistry HLIB Chemistry HLQuận 22 buổi/tuần - 1.5h/buổiXem
C_05Pre IBIB Physics SLQuận 22 buổi/tuần - 1.5h/buổiXem
C_04IB FrenchScience TeacherQuận 102 buổi/tuần - 1,5h/buổiXem
C_03IB BiologyIGCSE Math 1Phú Nhuận2 buổi/tuần - 1,5h/buổiXem
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