About Us


iTutor was established in 2015, has a long experience in teaching and providing tutors in English for international schools, bilingual schools, integrated schools, exam preparation for international certificates, foreign languages…

1. Our Courses:

International Programs and Certificate Science Subjects in English and Languages Teacher Training Courses
IB, MYP, PYP Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology Teaching Math in English
IGCSE Science, Economics, Literature Teaching Physics in English
A-level, AS-level Cambridge Sciences for Kids Teaching Chemistry in English
AP Communicative English, Business English Teaching Biology in English
SSAT, SAT, ACT Academic English, Specialized English Teaching Science in English
GMAT, GRE Chinese, JapaneseKorean
French, German, Spanish
Vietnamese for foreigners

2. Our Teachers:

● Lecturers and teachers are teaching at universities, high schools, and international schools.

● Alumni have completed their bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree abroad.

3. Teaching Methodology:

● Student-centered teaching method: Face-to-face teaching, and concentrate on problems and knowledge gaps of learners.

● Enhancing self-reliance and creative thinking: Teachers will guide, motivate, and inspire students. Students must actively explore, analyze, and evaluate information.


Mã lớpTên lớpMônĐịa điểmSố buổi / tuầnHọc phíGiáo viên đã nhận lớp
C_21IGCSE MathIGCSE MathQuận 23 sessions / week - 1.5 h / session - 17:00 - 18:30Xem
C_20ACT Test PrepACT Test PrepQuận 22 buổi/tuần - 1.5 h/buổi - 10:30 - 12:00Xem
C_19SAT Subject – LiteratureSAT Subject - LiteratureDist 22 sessions/week - 1.5 h/session- 08:00 - 09:30Xem
C_18A level PhysicsA - level PhysicsDist 23 sessions/week - 1.5h/session- Tue, Thu (10h30 - 12h00), Sat (13h30 - 15h00)Xem
C_17IB Physics SLIB Physics SLDistrict 22 buổi/tuần - 1.5h/buổi - 15h30 - 17h00Xem
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