Physics – Motion

1. Which pair of variables defines motion?


2. According to Newton’s second law of motion, acceleration is proportional to force. That means a larger force


3. Which of the following statements correctly states Newton’s first law of motion?


4. The term inertia means which of the following? The tendency of an object to


5. In order for an object to move in a circular path at a constant speed, which set of conditions must be satisfied?


6. If an astronaut, freely floating in space, tries to throw away a spent fuel container that has the same mass as the astronaut himself, what will happen to the astronaut?


7. In Newton’s second law of motion, what is the relationship between acceleration and mass? Acceleration


8. Which of the following indicate that an object has been subjected to an unbalanced force?


9. If the forces on an object are balanced, the object will


10. According to Newton’s second law of motion, what causes a change in the motion of an object? A (An)


11. The conservation of momentum is correctly expressed by which of the following statements? The total momentum of interacting objects


12. Which two fundamental properties are used to describe motion?


13. Which of the following correctly states Newton’s third law of motion? Forces occur in matched pairs that are


14. Which statement correctly characterizes momentum, as understood in the physical sciences?


15. What feature of motion is described by acceleration?


16. What is the unit of weight in the metric system?


17. Which of the following statements are true of both weight and mass?


18. What are the metric units for momentum?


19. What is a difference between an object’s speed and velocity?


20. A person walking on a level surface moves forward because the forces of


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