Sciences – Earth Science

1. A planet can have more than one moon.


2. A binary star system has more than three stars.


3. A space ship can hold a manned crew.


4. A space spinoff is


5. 32,000 is written in scientific notation as:


6. What is a light year?


7. What type of star system has no defined shape?


8. What is inertia?


9. How are tides created?


10. The four terrestrial planets are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.


11. There are 9 planets.


12. What is an eclipsing binary?


13. What is a neap tide?


14. What is a spring tide?


15. What is a satellite?


16. The moon is Earth’s natural satellite.


17. The four gas giants are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.


18. What does AU stand for in Special Sciences?


19. A space probe can hold a manned space crew.


20. What is a rocket?


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