Sciences – Earth Science

1. What is a rocket?


2. A binary star system has more than three stars.


3. What is a light year?


4. A planet can have more than one moon.


5. The four gas giants are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.


6. There are 9 planets.


7. A space spinoff is


8. The moon is Earth’s natural satellite.


9. What is inertia?


10. A space ship can hold a manned crew.


11. What does AU stand for in Special Sciences?


12. What is an eclipsing binary?


13. How are tides created?


14. What type of star system has no defined shape?


15. The four terrestrial planets are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.


16. What is a spring tide?


17. What is a satellite?


18. What is a neap tide?


19. 32,000 is written in scientific notation as:


20. A space probe can hold a manned space crew.


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