Physics – Force and Movement

1. How do you calculate resultant force?


2. What is the vertical axis in a speed-time graph?


3. What are the units of force?


4. What does a steep line correspond to in a distance-time graph?


5. What does Newton’s First Law of Motion state?


6. Newton’s Second Law of Motion can be summarized by which equation?


7. Which force did Charles-Augustin de Coulomb first describe?


8. How is velocity different from speed?


9. What is friction?


10. What is the formula for average speed?


11. What does the area beneath a velocity-time graph represent?


12. What are the units for mass?


13. What is the gravitational field strength of the Moon?


14. What is a force?


15. If a car increases in velocity from +5 m/s to +15 m/s in three seconds, what is its acceleration?


16. What is the vertical axis in a distance-time graph?


17. What happens if the resultant force on a car is in the direction in which it is travelling?


18. What does a downwards line correspond to in a speed-time graph?


19. What is the formula for acceleration?


20. If a person has a weight of 600 N, how much will they weigh on the Moon?


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