Physics – Force and Movement

1. What does a steep line correspond to in a distance-time graph?


2. If a car increases in velocity from +5 m/s to +15 m/s in three seconds, what is its acceleration?


3. What is the formula for acceleration?


4. How do you calculate resultant force?


5. How is velocity different from speed?


6. What happens if the resultant force on a car is in the direction in which it is travelling?


7. What is the formula for average speed?


8. Newton’s Second Law of Motion can be summarized by which equation?


9. What is friction?


10. What is the vertical axis in a speed-time graph?


11. What is a force?


12. If a person has a weight of 600 N, how much will they weigh on the Moon?


13. What is the vertical axis in a distance-time graph?


14. What are the units for mass?


15. What does a downwards line correspond to in a speed-time graph?


16. What does Newton’s First Law of Motion state?


17. What does the area beneath a velocity-time graph represent?


18. What is the gravitational field strength of the Moon?


19. Which force did Charles-Augustin de Coulomb first describe?


20. What are the units of force?


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