Chemistry – Acid, Base and Salt

1. Question:   A salt derived from a strong base and a weak acid will give a salt that is _______.


2. Question:   The characteristic properties of an acid is due to the presence of ___________.


3. Question:   Phosphoric acid has formula


4. Question:   A weak acid in solution is ___________.


5. Question:   Which of the following ionic species exist in a neutralization reaction?


6. Question:   When litmus is added to a solution of borax it turns___________.


7. Question:   In the following reaction, identify the salt formed


8. Question:   Which of the following is not a mixed salt?


9. Question:   In Universal indicators, red color shows


10. Question:   NaOH + HCl →


11. Question:   An acid is ___________.


12. Question:   Bases (OH-) are


13. Question:   Choose the acid salt from the following:


14. Question:   The drying of milk of lime (white washing) is due to the action of ___________.


15. Question:   Acids (H+) reacts with metal hydroxides (-OH-) to from


16. Question:   Which of the following is a weak base?


17. Question:   The pH of a carbonated drink is ___________.


18. Question:   In the following reaction, identify the products


19. Question:   A strong acid in solution is ___________.


20. Question:   Which is a soluble base in water?


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